Whipping Cream

Dear Food Technology Professional,

I’m looking whipping cream recipe
Could you please help me out.

Many thanks in advance.

Describe your whipping cream exactly,as often its just dairy based cream with moderate fat content…

Its vegetable fat CBS base non dairy product along with sugar and different emulsifier and stabilizers.

That’s a proprietary formula for a whipped topping or non dairy whippping cream. Not the realwhippping cream its lauric fat based material made either from.coconut or palm kernel oil along with emulsifiers, stabilizer and flavors. Even if I know I won’t share you proprietary formulation…
The best you can do DIY
.You can get an idea in the patent files …using the keyword. WHIPPED TOPPING .that .if you are interested in formulating your own
Don’t expect people to give you that here…

Dear All are not equal. Might be someone help me out .

Let’s see.


My point, why would someone share a secret formulation from his employers business .It would be unethical and unprofessional to do so…
FYI I am a repository of many closely guarded formulation after decades of working in R&D but have never violated my principles nor code of conduct about confidentiality in important technical information relevant to my present and past employers businesses.


Got it. But what’s the benefits of this forum if you could not help to each others.

The forum will provide ideas for solutions …not to spoon fed with information that will have legal consequences.
You are already given a very obvious clue,which you should try reading …the Patent files, .US patent files, European patent files ( espacenet)…Great Britain, patent files etc which you can find in the web.etc…
They had plenty of formulation examples that you can use as a guide in your work.if you type your search words appropriately as suggested in my earlier posts.
What you need is diligence in searching for it…Good luck…