Whip cream crack

Hello all, I want to discuss about whip cream crack issues.

I try not to over whip, maintain a low density (Range between:0.22-0.24 ), don’t keep cream in stock and added sorbitol to it. Still I’m receiving few cracks during storage. Creaming temperature is below 10°C .

Can you tell me why?

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if you whipped it at 0.25 The cream is already overwhipped …it should be whipped not lower than 0.40.


The consistency gets tighter on higher density. I have tried doing that and the cream gets little difficult to work with. We use non dairy topping cream.

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Maybe it lacks water or your water is high in mineral content.
Test it with soft water and slightly more water…
You can.also add little melted fat to soften the cream texture.

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