What are your thoughts on Lab based meat (Cellular Agriculture) Pros/Cons

As you all must have seen recently quite few companies have already selling plant based meat, yet however cell based meat is entirely different, its actually the replica of meat taken out of the animal, left and provided with nutrition to develop as originally in animal, but the collagen consistency, the mouth feel studied gives a achievable status of about 60-70% similarity, and another question is about the antimicrobial resistance, prevalence of veterinary drugs are absent in such products and most importantly there are still regulatory issues associated as they are not classified under the similar categories & policies are yet to be developed as per USFDA.

Share your thoughts about the cell based meat.

Its still a novelty.and expensive( and reputedly not as good as conventional meat .Wait for a decade until it goes mainstream…By that time it’s manufacturing process is practically and technically perfected to replace the gradually supply of livestock.

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There will be some resistance from the public in the beginning, but we human beings are wanderers, explorers and looking to experience new taste or foods. So give it some time.
I ask my students, if you have tried Cricket flour based snacks, 50% of them wish to try, some have already tried, some have negative feelings.
Now to cell based meat, the challenge is to grow cells without fbs (fetal bovine serum). Can we achieve this? Or how do we achieve cell growth with required nutrients that are more acceptable to all.
Moreover imagining the first cell’ and its source, also need some detailed regulations , trust and more research again…

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