Water dispersible oils

Hi all

I am looking for water-dispersible oils that are odour free and tasteless but food-grade at the same time. Have you had any experience with any oils like this and would anyone know what make an oil water-dispersible? For example I have seen some cold-pressed citrus oils that almost dissolve in water and would not separate to the top but some others would not dissolve at all. I couldn’t find some good resources online so if anyone could help would be much appreciated.


you have to use emulsifier for that.

Oil is non polar so it will not dissolve in polar solvent like water.You need an intermediary like an emulsifier and preferably intense mixing or homogenizing with higjh shear mixer .Polysorbates like tweens and sucrose monorsters, SSL, DATEM , hydrophilic lecithin s could facilitate its efficient dispersion in water if youre looking for an oil in water emulsion.

Another idea is to use a solubilizer like propylene glycol as it can be the intermediary to solubilize oily materials…