Water analysis result

Please can someone help me with best ways of treating high salinity and hardness in treated water being used for cooking. I also discovered whenever we use it to make white rice it turns brown colour.

Run it through a water softener deviceā€¦to remove those mineral matter.

If this is a day to day need (requirement at home), due to non availability of RO or filters or softeners, then have you tried boiling the water and keeping it for sometime for a later use (so that partially minerals precipitate or settle at the bottom).
Have you ever checked for any charcoal based system, or any bamboo based or locally available filtration options for betterment.
The resin based softening agents are good options.

Water hardness can be controlled in 2 ways: by a packaged water softener or a mechanical water softening unit.

Packaged water softeners are divided into two categories: precipitating and non-precipitating.

Precipitating water softeners include borax and washing soda. These water softeners increase the alkalinity of the cleaning solution but could also damage the skin. Non-precipitating water softeners use complex phosphates to isolate the mineral ions, causing the water to soften.

Mechanical water softening units on the other hand is more of a permanent solution. It can be permanently installed into the plumbing unit to continuously get rid of magnesium and calcium. It operates on the ion exchange process. In this process, water passes through a media bed, usually supersaturated with sodium. The ion exchange process takes place as and softens hard water