Vegan Gummies

Hello everyone!

I am trying to formulate a vegan gummy based on agar agar and I am having issues with the texture. If you have recommended papers or insights you want to share with me I would really appreciate it !!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Any reason for the choice of agar agar (even if moving away from gelatin for halal certification or for vegan consumers).

No reason for choosing specifically agar agar, I can consider another vegan source.

According with your requirement I think that a good option for use could be Pectins because have relation with vegetal origins of this product
Also , other options it is the use of modified starches

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many of the nonstarch hydrocolloids can be attempted for this study

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Gum Arabic ,Guar gum ,Xanthum gumand pectins willbe a good vegan options.

Agar and pectins creates a short texture whilst gummies have an elastic texture , there are new potato and maize starches in the market to substitute the gelatin texture as long as you can gelatinise and cook the starch effectively can develop good textures.

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