Usa Label Regulation

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How important are the character sizes in the nutritional facts table in small packages in the USA label regulation? Package surface size 24 mm2.

Just 24 mm2?

Sorry 240 cm2, 35 inch2. Thank you so much🙏

Did you check the FDA website?

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Yes ı check it but our character size in tabular format is small than their wanted. They want pt =2.8 mm but ı can use 1,8 mm. Do you think this situation is important for USA?


Check attached document for reference.

Food-Labeling-Guide-(PDF).pdf (8.5 MB)


The new rules since 2016 are listed here:
(New FDA Nutrition Facts Label Font Style and Size | ESHA Research)
Please note that points are not the same as mm.
1 PostScript point = 0.352777778 millimeters

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