Traditional production of Isolated soy protein(ISP)

Hello fellow scientist. I am producing sausage (cooked sausage-Vienna) one of the components I use is soy isolated protein which has been difficult getting it locally but we have a lot of soybeans, kindly please assist if you know the simple way of making it

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A simple soy protein ,that is easier to make is tofu…but real. isolated soy protein is difficult to DIY with simple equipment.

Well…judge for yourself if you have the technical means and can muster to get the required equipment


Hi Suggest you get the soybeans and mill them to a powder use this at 10-15% more than you would the soy isolate. This will help with the bind and fat uptake. There may be flavour differences as soy bean flour has a harsher bean taste than isolate.

It’s very difficult to obtain isolated soy protein from soy beans if you don’t have the technology. Maybe you can replace it in your recipe with other sources of protein, either vegetable (concentrated or isolated protein pea, fava, wheat, potato, etc.) or animal (milk proteins, egg, pork colagenic proteins).

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you very much fr your help

will try that thank you

Thank you this is a great idea, Kindly share the procedures of making tofu

Tofu recipes are widely available in soybean processing books, its also found in the web.Please put some initiative and find it yourself…
Its not helpful to your intellectual development aa a food scientists wanna be to be spoon fed with easy to find information…

I can supply ISP from Canada, do you need it ?

No, I don’t feel that production of SPI from soyabean is too difficult technology

Can you please provide us the samples of Soy protein for our R&D team evaluation.

Yes. I have sent inner email to you.

Thanks for your response