Survey Thesis

Hello friends.
I’m going to write a survey thesis for my master’s.
I need a research topic, I would be happy if you share your ideas.
Thank you

Thats funny…You want to make a thesis out of surveyed opinions…? Its seems like you have wasted your years of study without understanding what your course is all about… ?BTW, what do strangers know about your course and your subject interests.?
Only yourself knows your preferences in the particular subject matter for your thesis…

Hey Roy. I’ll let you know, I would like to work in lab, but my süpervisor told me ıt’s not possible to work in lab during pandemic because it does not allow more than one student to study. She told me you can write a survey thesis and I have only 5 months. I wanted to get an idea with the comments from here.
I don’t have a specific field, it could just be a topic for a nice thesis.
Thank you

Hi @sahinkovan
Just don’t make sense…Thesis work is a serious matter specially in a graduate program…
A Masters degree program is a sort of specialization , in your chosen field of study , but not relating what you are taking made your post not to be taken seriously…
The best guidance you can get is from your adviser…

Thank you Roy for your advise.