Sugar cashews shelf life

I’m facing an issue with sugar coated cashews. After coating cashews in pan and cooling. After packaging in two weeks cashews become soggy.
We use oven roasted cashews and coat them with sugar syrup.

For 1kg we use 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. We melt the sugar to softball stage and coat the cashews. Once cooled down they are crunchy. After packaging in two weeks they become soggy. Any help is highly appreciated.


Sugar shouldbe cooked to higher temperatures ( 145 -150C include some fat ,little lecithin at the end of cooking stir well to combine .Then tumble it with the cashews to coat Cool down and pack in good wrapper .

Cause of soggyness is water, it can come from anywhere (cashew not roasted dry enough, sugar, humidity).
In your case, softball stage still have enough water content to cause sogyness. Roy gave a really good advice, but since there are many causes to soggyness, making an assesment in the future will be helpful to get a right solution, using ishikawa fishbone diagram will be helpful.

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