Study Material on Research and Methodology

hello Everyone!

i need books or study material on Basic knowlege regarding research and methodology.

Thank you in advance.

The web have heaps of those materials in,articles ,ezines, ebook etc.You just have put some effort to find it.

‚ÄúResearch Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches 4th Edition‚ÄĚ would be a good place to start.

A less expensive option, more of a textbook, would be ‚ÄúResearch methods : planning, conducting and presenting research‚ÄĚ

Hey Roy it was not about the effort but time. I was also looking for it and found a very useful book for science students and I will share it. So the thing is i just need recommendations or if someone have it than share it. Thanks

Thanks Michael

Let me explain…
Years ago, I also searched for similar information to help me improve my research methodology and I really found lots of it in the web.Therefore, I am recommending the same thing to people that ask for such information.
As a researcher you shoujd have initiative to find things yourself as that measure your dedication to your field.
You should be grateful that internet is just besides you to give you assistance.
It was different decades back in my younger days when internet waa not yet prevalent that I have to personally go to the library to search for books journals etc related to my topics of interest.

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@syedumersohail95 - The following link might help students, though this is not about a textbook (but about how to read a research paper):