Starch in meatballs


Are there any thumb rules regarding the starch recommend to use in meat balls.

Any literature reference?

I usually use bread crumbs and potato flakes or even bread but I only do it by trail and error.


I cook also meatballs i use both starch and/or breadcrumbs…There is no rule of the thumb there,but what works then use it…
Why do you want to bother with academic matter.
You needs institutional meat balls then read meat processing book.

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Just want to understand the logic.

Thank you for your answer, like you said, if it works don’t change it.

I will search for the book as well.

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If you put 8% semolina in the meatballs and keep it in the fridge for 5 hours, you will have the flavor and consistency you want. just semolina and salt.

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