Spreadable cream with cocoa and hazelnut

Hi everyone.
I am looking for resources about spredabble cream with cocoa and hazelnut.
Can you help me?

Also i have a problem.

When this product kept in the cold, roughness is formed in it. Do you have any idea about this?

Thank you and have a good day

Hi Özge,

Could you please share more details?

Which type oil and/or fat do you use?

What is particle size of your final product?

And please share a photo.

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If the Op ls aware of this issue and post more details about the formula and processing that would greatly help…


Dear Ozge,
Is this a cultured product ( with lactic acid cultures) , will you use fresh milk or milk powder , will you add proteins, what about the fat ?
there are several parameters that need to be evaluated


Hi Ufuk we use cottonseed and sunflower oil.Melting particles are formed in hot (20-25c ambient conditions), so we think it is due to oil. What do you think are the most accurate crystallization temperatures for a product containing this kind of oil?

There is no cultured but we use milk and whey powder. We use cottonseed and sunflower oil. This particles melted at 20-25 santigrad degrees. So we can think that this partciles is oil. But we dont cyristalization true. What do you think should be the right crystallization temperatures (filling and chilling) and time for this type of product? Thank you so much

To make a spreadable hazelnut chocolate filling combining cocoa powder and ground roasted hazenuts ( granular form) Its mixed with sugar, milk powder,whey powder ,oil based hazelnut flavor thej mixed with melted vegetable fat with melting pount at 32 to 34 C.then dumped into a balll.mill. and ground at temperature of 45 C to a particle size not higher than 25 microns…
The prepared hazelnut cocoa filling is then drained from the ball mill and allowed to equilibriate at ambient to retain its plastic or viscous texture for spreads.
Soy lecithin needs to be added during ball mill grinding to ensure an intimate mixture that dont separate upon standing.


cottonseed oil and sunflower oil do not need tempering.

I think it’s emulsion problem. Lecithin and homogenizer will help.

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