Sodium nitrite and paprika oleoresin discolouration

Hi Guys

Just got a question about sodium nitrite and oleoresin, I am currently developing a premix for a cured meat and ran into some problem with discolouration. In the premix there’s sodium nitrite & stabilised paprika oleoresin, but it seems like they start fading from the top and create a chemical smell… It almost feel like the sodium nitrite was reacted and the gas created cause the discolouration only when in the package, because when we leave that premix in the open air the premix will not discolour… would be appreciated for any answer, thanks in advance


Well sodium nitrite will slowly release Nitrogen oxides in acidic environment ( might be possible in spice mixes )…This can bleach the carotenoids in paprika extracts creating off color…If you can encapsulate the nitrite it might lessen the reactions that led to decolorization or another possibility a buffered type maybe.
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Thanks Roy, I actually tried blending it with small particle ingredients like potato starch, silicone dioxide to act like “encapsulation” before but was only able to slow down the bleaching a little bit… but thanks for the information, I would keep trying to see if there’s other way to encapsulate the sodium nitrite :grin::+1: