Shelf life study

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I need information about how i conduct the shelf life study of confectionery products?
which type of equipment will be use for this purpose.

hi ,

please specify the product because confectionery is a very huge sector.

Confectionery items

These products normally have long shelf-llife. What is your exact issue ?

What did you try to solve the problem ?

Please give more details, otherwise nobody can help you.

Hi, such kind of confectionery shelf life need an accelerated shelf life follow up with a stability chamber where you keep temperature stable and you change humidity simulating the day and night humidity change.

yes sir i need informtion about accelerated chamber in which i put samples to study changes in product and compare the chamber product with the product which is kept at room temp.

You need supplier names ?

Yes i need supppier information and modal Name of chamber…

and what temperature and humdity i will set on chamber.

Supplier name : Binder. You can contact the binder representant in your country and he will give you all the support that you need including the settings

ok thankyou sir.

This issue can be change kind of your product. But you can try general ways. there are many diffrent shelf life machine. this machines are testing speed shelf life. also this system can give you some idea about your shelf life. I mean you can fallow your shelf life period by period. such as you can decide control period about your product. and you can control 3 or 4 times in a year. after that, you can decide to specfications about all of your products.

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