Shelf life of Fried Shallots

Hi Team,

What would be the shelf life of the fried shallots kept in room temperature in air tight container.
Ingredients: Shallots, all purpose flour, corn flour and salt , shallots are fried in olive oil.

Not more than a month.

Hi Roy,

Can we keep the fried shallots in room temperature in an air tight container for 1 month? Or will it be good to conduct a microbiological analysis after 1 day in room temperature?

If you are in the middle east where room temperature can reach above 40 degrees then its wise to put the fried shallots in cool condition in air tight packages not exposed to light.
The combination of high temperature, high humidity and light will reduce its shelf life to just slightly more than week then the onset 0of rancidity starts.
You can do microanalysis to check.but its spoilage is likely due to photochemical and thermochemicsl effect on the fat present.

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Does this mean that no shelf life studies are carried out before you roll out this product to the market?

Hi…still we are at the initial phase.so thought of getting opinion from the experts.