Shelf life for roasted salted peanut

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Please suggest how can to improve shelf life for roasted salted peanut.

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Store it in preferably the refrigerator or best in the freezer…

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Roasted salted peanut,
If keep in a refrigerator won’t it loose the crunchness

If you store it exposed it will but if will sealed it won’t Further the way you prepare the peanut before frying had an influence in the stored nut texture…

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By roasting you have to get 4percent moisture and then by packaging with nitrogen flushing can enhance life


You have several options for keeping the peanuts quality. The problem here is the oils in the nut. One way to preserve the quality is by vacuum packing them to prevent oxidation. Or in an airtight container. In the freezer, nuts in general could go for a year or two. You may wanna check this article out : 5 Easy Tips For Longer Nuts Shelf life

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