Seasoning processing

Hello fellow food Technologist,
I am working a particular seasoning and I discovered that water can be added to a seasoning to enhance its appearance when using Liquid Caramel E150C, please how true is it? And to what extent can the water be added?
And is there a way the water (moisture content) can be reduced after the appearance is achieved.

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Most seasoning mixes are in powdered form.but some of its components are liquid like flavors
such as spice oleoresin, colorant like annatto dispersed in oil, liquid flavor concentrate like butter and cheese flavors ,liquid caramel colorants .As the flavored and colored seasoning appears damp then the need for extenders or fillers like maltodextrin is used .Often its not free flowing so separating agent like silicon dioxide, tricakcium phosphates etc are added to promote free flowing powder.
FYI…pure water IS never added as it can increase water activity resulting in deterioration of quality and spoilage…


I agree with Roy 100% it depends on your seasoning matrix

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