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Hi my field is food engineering and I got an offer to publish paper in market field topic is coutomer behavior in covid 19 but it is related to resturant, what do you think is this topic related to my field. Will it help me to get admission in phd of my own field or it is worthless to put effort and pay.
Waiting for your kind suggestions

Irrelevant to your field…Non technical and more about marketing in Restaurant field which is not your primary concern with respect to your chosen career…


So it is worthless for me to write paper on this topic?

It has little help technically , but if you want to expand your network and make friends with restaurants workers then it would…:slightly_smiling_face:
BTW you are just being used by somebody to write something that will benefit the person that requested you to do it…


work on a small topic related to your field of food engineering or processes, provided there are facilities to do some hands-on or computational work and that might improve your knowledge and skills (with the help of a supervisor at your uni).


The second sentence is so true, :laughing: and happening academically everywhere

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That’s why any aspiring graduate students should be careful in accepting research proposals from supervisors and other academic authorities. Always keep in mind your research paper should benefit mostly you and not your mentor .
In your future resume( for career development, job employment) what ever thesis project you had embarked if its irrelevant to your degree, the employer will have doubts on your abilities as an expert in your field.
Never accept being exploited as it will have a bad impact on your reputation…

true, while it is sometimes hard to reject a supervisor during the studentship period…
A little positive note probably for first timers is to have an experience probably acquiring skills on writing.

Totally worthless , this study will only help to Bill Gates;)) do not spend your time .