Recyclable packs and cooking bags

Hi there, I work for a poultry company and we have a project to change our packages for recyclable. I’d like to know if anyone has any material to share about this subject and we have a product packing into cooking bags but we are looking for improvements as no cracked bags after the oven, has anyone more information about it? Thank you.

You should consult your packaging specialist regarding that matter for practical answers

Interesting question.

what types packs do you use?

What is the material?

Can you share some photos?

guess there are 2 questions here: one on cooking bags and one that is used as a food packaging for heat treatment.
If its dissolvable bags, like the material used for cup-noodle seasonings, You could try some natural biopolymeric materials, some composites of gelatin, starch, chitosan, etc etc.
But the other one thermal withstanding bags might be good to contact Tetrapak company.

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