Recommended shelf life of frozen beef patty under below conditions

Dear all,
What would be the recommended shelf life of frozen beef patty , below are the processing steps.

  1. Frozen beef blocks are defrosted in chiller for 5 days and then grinded.
  2. Grinded meat is then made into patties, 100 g per patty.
  3. Beef patty is stored in chiller for 3 days .( No preservatives are added)
    Can we freeze the patty after storing 3 days in chiller?? If so what is the recommended shelf life after freezing,if the patty is stored in normal plastic container??
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I will not suggest freezing it again as the risk are too high that after thawed! and comminuted for patty then chilled for some time the microbiological population is already high.

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Thanks Roy for the usual support.

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