Pros and cons of the a food catering industry widening its business

A food catering company would like to widen its business in engaging to different industries. The said company still cannot enter the food retail market as it was registered as a caterer. One thing that comes to my mind is that the company may involved in catering the food in the canteen/cafeteria of different industries. Lastly, the products that the company provides are ready-to-eat foods and food items that would last for a maximum of 4-5 days. Would like to know your insights on this matter.

If it’s beyond the scope of your expertise, then it not wise to diversify…
If you insist in doing so, do make a detailed SWOT analysis

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Are you sure the catering license precludes from preparing food for retail? That regulation may not apply in every jurisdiction.
There is a big learning curve moving from catering to retail. You should familiarize yourself with the regulations around it and what certifications you would need to sell food in a retail environment.

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