Post Harvest challenges of Ginger

Fresh Ginger washed in clean water & stored/transported at 12-13deg C & 65-75 RH for exports purpose. However, there are many rejections at the time of receipt, due to Fungus attack, poor skin structure, decay & shrinkage.

It is recommended in FAO article that :

  1. Wash the Rhizomes in clean water sanitised with 150 PPM hypochlorous acid.
    2.A fungicide treatment benomyl (500 PPM) or Thiabendazole (1000 PPM) can be applied after washing.

Is this officially acceptable in general & in India in particular and are there any long term health hazards, if used.

In India, some farmers used Sulphuric acid to wash Ginger, that gives very good color & firm skin development, but has serious health hazards and hence, it has been banned.

Looking for an authenticated data & document in this regard.

consult FSSAi standards…

Sure Mr.Roy. Thanks