Porridge/ baby foods

Hello im looking for a trainer in baby Foods or instant porridge.

Training must contains information on almost every topic as below (where ever necessary):

  1. Introduction of Product
  2. Uses and application of the product
  3. Formulation of the product
  4. Step by step Manufacturing Guidance.
  5. Necessary Do’s before, during and after manufacturing of the product.
  6. Necessary Do Not’s before, during and after manufacturing of the product.
  7. Inspection and Quality Control of the manufactured product.
  8. Details of machines required.
  9. Names of raw materials required with photos.
    10.Physical and Chemical characteristics of the product.
    11.Addresses of suppliers of raw materials.
    12.Addressees of suppliers of machinery.
    14.Address of report supplying company for future correspondence.

Feel free to contact me if interested.


You can get those information by having partnership with baby food companies…

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