Plastic rice

In Market. we came ko known that .when we cook a rice and make it round . its bounce like a ball. what is the main reason to bounce that rice ball. does its a really plastic rice or its just a myth .

It’s a fabricated rice ,made by mixing rice flour ,grits ,little salt, distilled monoglycerides ,some enrichment or fortification blend , then passing it through a twin screw extruder that comes put from a die that simulates rice grain in appearance.
Certainly during extrusion ,porous structure is created is better than the normally compact normal rice which makes it buoyant or bouncy.

The reason that makes it round probably the starch quality. Rice is known carbohydrate, starch is the dominant one. So, starch quality like the proportion of amylose to amylopectin is a determinant factor for its cohesiveness and adhesive properties.

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nope for plastic rice to make n imitate is an expensive process
breaking myth:starchy products when heated get gelatinised as we all know the bouncy nature of gelatinisation its just the starch content and combination of amylose and amylopectin

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Totally agreed with you.

Prashant Bhisma, I would recommend you to visit FSSAI once. It has break this myth years ago.