Pectin Origin

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to find a low methoxyl pectin for making vegan gummy candy. However, suppliers are offering me citric-based or apple-based. I think the origin is not relevant as long as it is low methoxyl but I am not sure, is there any difference or can the origin impact its functionality?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Carlam,

From what I understand, the degree of methoxylation is more important than the source. Also, you may want to look at amidated low methoxyl pectins for this application.

Will you be using starch molds for your process?

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Pectin gummies can be made without the trouble of using starch molds.

High Methoxl pectins are the best for gummy candy these confection are often made in high sugar high acid environment, plus they are not thermoreversible at higher temperatures which is a problem with gelatin.based gummy. that often softens and lose its shape at that environment.
So there you have it…

Hi Roy, thanks for your answer! Actually we are trying to develop a “healthy” or “nutritionally improved” gummy candy, so the plan is to make it low sugar + with added fibre (probably inulin). Thats why we chose LMP, because of the low sugar content.

Hi Cardan, I think I know what you had in mind .I really did done lab scale trials in gummy candy ranging from thin boiling starches, beef gelatin, and various pectin kinds.Yes low merthoxyl pectin It was used with calcium salt for better set.I remember we get our material from Hercules- and Copenhagen pectin years ago.You should search those suppliers in the web and contact them if they have a local distributor in your country.