Palsgaard Characteristic

Hello, anybody familiar with palsgaard?
I just wondering, sometimes emulsion product such as cream cheese is really bad, but in vegan milk, the emulsion is perfect.

Is it because of pH?
Or is it because of the thickness of stuffs that it need more water to create a better emulsion?


Dont blame Palsgaard but your ignorance.
You used a wrong emulsifier for a targeted application
Contact them relating your issues with their product and the application you need …Then they will recommend something appropriate for your requirements.

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Hi Cola,

Palsgaard is a PGPR (Poly Glycerol, Poly Ricoleate) which normally used as a viscosity modifier in chocolate to get it to flow well in moulds and help air bubbles escape.

It is normally used in conjunction with soy lecithin (an emulsifier).

Do a Google search for emulsifier suppliers and ask them for help with the best emulsifier for the cream cheese.


KEVIN palsgaard is only one of the Palsgaard emulsfier INcidentally they are among the well known supplier of It.Second is Danisco.
But PGPR is only one of the number of emulsifiers that palsgaard supply.

Thanks Kevin, our suppliers said it’s another type of emulsifier like a better version of dmg-lecithin.

I think he’s wrong, i’ll try to learn about it myself then.

You were never clear what emulsifier you used from Palsgaard but immediately blamed the firm for problems you encounter in your applications.
Others thought you used PGPR which incidentally had limited applications compated to other pslsgasrd emulsifier range…
You only got yourself to blame for your predicament which can be attributed to emulsifier applications ignorance.