Palsgaard® 1388

Few months ago i use Palsgaard® 1388 to make a cream cheese. But the emulsion always getting bad.
So i try to do it again and change the palsgaard with DMG & Lecithin mixture with the same amount and the emulsion result is great.

And i try the palsgaard again randomly in more liquidy stuff : creamer, and the result is good.

I just don’t understand, what’s possibly wrong here?

Could you describe the composition of that ingredients.#1338 …its not in the Palsgaard emulsifiers lists…maybe its specialists item…

Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E 471
Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids E 475
Antioxidant, containing:
Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E 472c
Lecithins E 322
Ascorbyl palmitate E 304 (i), max. 250 mg/kg
Tocopherol-rich extract E 306, max. 170 mg/kg

So its compounded material not just an emulsifier. The composition implies it has aerating tendency as well as emulsification.
So what youre looking for is plain emulsification and not the aeration part.Well Dmg and lecithin with a combined HLB value slightly higher than DMG itself willsuffice. .you dont need the alpha form that the P 1338 can provide.You only needs homogeneity in the blend .

I am right in my comments in another thread ,you did not understand what specific functionality youre looking for but just randomly used any available emulsifier from Palsgaard from your stock thinking it will provide the required functionality which does not.
Emulsifiers are highly specialized ingredients now.
you can’t just sub one for another .

Well i actually need the aeration too and it does give benefit texture to the product.
And by doing trial and error, i actually did it with the similar majority of ingredients but still don’t understand why it didn’t work with this kind of paalsgaard.

It’s common in research, to find your own way from small trial and error and not always depending on literature and suppliers recommendation, and making development from it.

The fact that i did it and still trying to find the reason why it isn’t working with the other emulsifier is another prove that you are wrong.

Trying to find why it wont work with nary an understanding of surfactants science is pure guesswork.
Its just like an ordinary guy using a pair of pliers to stick a nail, to the board properly while the carpenter would rather use a hammer…:laughing:

" The fact trying to find a reason why it isnt working and with other emulsifier is anothet prove that youre wrong"
previous qoute
"i try Palsgaard again randomly in a more liquidy stuff : creamer ,and the result is good "
Means the alpha form of the emulsifier ( presence of DMG activated by PGE) results in aeration .

In these two descriptions
Using the carpenter tool analogy fits the description perfectly. Composite emulsifier had specific functionality that you should be used according the desired precise applications…
Thats the very reason Palsgaard , Danisco ,Caravan, etc profit by formulating items with targeted applicants.
The user should be sober to ask for guidance from the emulsifier supplier so you won’t waste your resources and time in getting the intended product applications properly.

That’s a really weird analogy to describe a trial and error using what’s available around. :sweat_smile:

I think to this point it’s okay if you do not have the answer, you can skip this question.
It’s such a waste of your time proving sth, rather than focus on teaching or answer the question.

Again, this behaviour won’t help.

I am trying to emphasize the truth what youre missing but instead of facing it, you turn emotional instead. Science is not ruled by emotion but cold hard facts.
Truth is painful to individuals that are aftaid of it.

I apologize if my words came across you as emotional. It’s important for me to express that I’m approaching this conversation with a clear mind, that it’s impossible to miss something that isn’t exist.

I believe it’s valuable to acknowledge that each scientist may have a unique approach, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method.

Keep picking and being rude about it, is the main reason why this discussion won’t going anywhere, and it’s okay.
i agree with you, truth is painful to individuals that are afraid of it.

Its time we get over with it and move on.

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