Nutrition and immunity

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As a Nutritionnist i would like to create a Platform to discuss about nutrition and imunnity.

Which type of food that we can eat especially in quarantaine period.


Any food that can increase the immunity of our body is good to consume.
Vitamin C especially available from oranges, guava, lemon etc.
Ginger is traditionally consumed in Asian countries even during this covid time.
Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables are great to consume at this period.
Trying out foods that can make our system alkaline than acidic would help.
Prebiotics, yoghurt could be also added to the list of foods.
Please add on… Will be great to hear from other experts here.


Thanks a lot for your reply, recommandation are highly appreciated. Waiting others comments.

I think the first rule should be balanced and adequate diet for a good immune system.

Nuts, fruits, vegetables and probiotics are very important for a strong immune system of course. These are my own opinions, not a health advice of course.


In my point of view, first we need a balance diet, including vegetable and fruit. We need to take more sources of vit c. But for immune system we need vit D as well. If you ask me, more than nutrition, we need to be mentally healthy, we need to be active, do yoga and meditation, specially yoga before going to bed helps you sleep well and it also helps immune system improvement. Also green tea, more lime and water will be also helpful.


I know this isn’t technically considered as “food”, but I think nutritional supplements play a key role during the lockdown. Most especially since supply chains have been largely affected and people are afraid to go out and buy a lot of things. But having nutritional supplements to augment or satisfy the micronutrients not found on the food products you have access to can be a life-changer.


I agree in some points but generally speaking I don’t agree with consuming a lot of supplements. As you all know, they are mainly chemicals and my preference is food intake except vit D which we can’t get enough from food.


Actually, Drs. dont recommand them. But in such a period our diet dosent ensure the diary intake of all vitamines, plus many factors ( exposition to sun, non fresh food) are affecting the assimilation of certains nutrients. Supplements can complete but do not replace diet.

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yes, it has come to a stage that there might be ‘nearly none’ in this world who haven’t or will not take a supplement in his/her lifetime.
Age, requirement of certain vitamins/minerals, specific needs, deficiency are few factors that influence the choice or type of supplement a person take (in current situation or otherwise too).

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