New yoghurt flavour

planning to develop a yoghurt based on cotton seed milk…Any guidance?

I’m sorry, are you asking about new flavour to use?
Or are you asking if it’s possible ?

I’m Asking if it is posiible

Can you pls explain, for what purpose / application ?

a NPD for my final year project

Cottonseed contains toxic component called gossypol. Read about it before deciding to use cottonseed in your NPD project


But in south india it is consumed as a drink added with jaggery and cardamon.

There are two kinds of gossypol: the free gossypol and protein bound gossypol. The former is found in extracted cottonseed oil which is more toxic while the fat extracted cottonseed meal contains the bound gossip which is less toxic but still had been known tk promote various diseases in later life like cardiac problems, infertility in men and miscarriage in women .etc.

But cotton seed milk powder is sold in retail.

Is it defatted or still having cottonseed oil…if its the former its less toxic than the unextracted cottonseed.

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