Need help on product development for bhel puri

Bhelpuri ingredients :
Rice puff, indian namkeen , sauces.

Please share the product development and shelf life for this.

Bhel puri is a maharashtra delicacy ( Mumbai) and its not a processed food but a home made dish which is best prepared fresh and served immediately.
So shelf life is out of question.
You should familiarize with it first before even thinking of making it. You can consult Indian cookbooks and surf the web for recipes

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Thanks for your comments but if you see already few bhel puri products are in market like Haldiram bhel puri which are giving shelf life. I need such detail how these companies made this shelf life

Its is a set mix of dry bhel puri material. If you understand bhel puri and its ingredients specifications, you can examine those premixes you have to use dried puffed rice, ,dried potatoes ( flakes), spices,dried chili,dried cilantro, etc.
For the chutney you do the same thing ,used dried ingredients for each
If you can’t" hack "and understand how those bhel puri mixes are made ,then you will have difficulty making g your own.
Don’t expect people here will spoon fed you how to do it You have to use your initiative to decipher the composition and components of those mixes ,their corresponding ratio, and try to fabricate your own.

I think we all here to learn so please avoid such words like spoon feeding. I am not expecting this kind of answers. In first comment its said self life not possible then its comments about this kind of comments.
Anyway thanks for reply but dont misguide people like this …

Truth hurts huh…
You are given a clue but you never cared to think about my scheme how to do it.
You Want everything to be given to you …
That is not possible. I KNOW recipes , but many of it are proprietary.
That’s why I only give you ideas how to do it, you have to think for yourself, using your training in food science…
FYI…for me helping people is not spoon feeding them but letting them think after giving him a clue.
Its like an adage…
You give people food they will not work and expect to be fed; but you give him ideas how to cook ,you will fed them for a long time.

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You are being too rude, control yourself.