Multiple spice mix

Hello fellow Food Scientists and Technologist.

I want to develop a multiple spice mix which can be applied to various delicacies.

Oluwadunsin Augustine Ogunleye

Thats not possible.If what you’re targeting is universal spice mix for all savory foods you’re wasting your time…Every savory food had its unique spice mix or blend…So rethink your idea.

I am not targeting a universal spice mix, just for some certain delicacies

Well if its native to your country, youre the only one qualified to know whats in it …What do non Nigerian people knew about your food peculiarities. :roll_eyes:

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You better hire the services of a local spice blending firm and ask them to develop something specific you had in mind .Its easier to these skilled people than doing it on your own.

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Thanks Very much