Msg replacer

Hello everyone, I need an idea for msg replacer in the market.



Try INS 635, it’s a flavour enhancer


Try HVP or I+G


Also explore AUTOLYZED YEAST as MSG replacement


Malt extract


Yeast extract


Do you mean ’ Brewer yeast Powder’ or Yeast Extract

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Thanks :pray:, I appreciate

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Yeast extract - much better find AUTOLYZED YEAST EXTRACT also HVP

Brewer yeast is usually used for brewery (beer production)


There is no MSG replacer as such What you will get is MSG derivates or hidden MSG.
INS 600 series is mostly just Hidden MSG just MSG derivates so you an put “No MSG added” label on your food product.

It really depends on what is your product. For cooked food Aromat powder is used again with same intention so ay they don’t “ADD” MSG but Aromat powder contains 29% MSG and restaurants add 5 spoons of it instead of 1 spoon of MSG>

If you are concerned about health dangers then only using real ingredients in the replacement.

MSG is an excitotoxin so it doesnt make anything taste good it just tell you to eat more cause your brain loves neurons getting excited.

When Google introduced AI I searched for MSG and by mistake the AI gave me peer reviewed studies and a lot of them were these studies proved that MSG caused Glutamate toxictiy which damaged the optical nerves causing vision loss and in extreme cases blindness.
It also damages nerves so there goes that “argument” that MSG is nothing but salt of Glutamic acid which is Glutamine a protein for the body.

Just when I was enjoying those plant based Sausage Loaded with MSG I had to stumble upon this. :frowning:

Dont be a prophet of doom…Dont rely on AI for information aa thats being manipulated by Google to sow disinformation to confuse those uninformed individuals.
If you are truly food science trained fellow then be objective and use your training to get better understanding of the food chemistry of taste. enhancers …

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haha are you serious. AI gave me links to peer reviewed studies. You should have more knowledge of how search engines work.
MSG is a billion dollar industry. They had ensured that nobody will get those studies when you search for it on Google. Google probably is in cahoots with them or they are exploiting the SEO.
What do you mean “don’t be a prophet of doom”? you think labelling me would discourage me from speaking the truth.
If you were walking on the street and there ditch in there that you did not see would you call me “prophet of doom” if I warned you there was a ditch and you shoudl avoid it?
Also food science does not teach anyone to ignore peer reviewed studies. No science does.
Science it telling use that MSG will cause glutamine toxicity and can lead to blindness and other nerve damage.
There was a time when restaurants used to add opium in food. This was when restaurants just started so obviously they did not get much business.
Even today tea stalls in India add opium so do Paan shops.
A person selling lassi(like a yoghurt shake) was caught adding opium. People would be addicted they would drink his lassi daily.
Drugs can make people addicted to food. That does not make it ok if you insert the word “science” there.
Science has understood exactly how opium works. doesn’t make it ok to consume

INS 635 is MSG. It is derivative of MSG The just changed the molecule. When it mixes with something else in the food it is added it becomes MSG.

MSG is globally accepted food additive…if your rural india subscribe to superstition about MSG then I am sorry for you…
You are a biased minded person unbecoming of true food professional
Get a life…

You are the one ignoring peer reviewed studies that prove MSG causes Glutamate toxicity and have the nerve to call me superstitious. I smell racism in this comment of your. You automatically assume Indians are superstitious.
Being globally accepted is logical fallacy does not mean that it is healthy. SO many dangerous food additives were globally accepted it was only after some activism by concerned citizens did it get banned.
If you are going to resort to name calling then I will call you shill for the MSG industry and/or you know without MSG you can’t cook. A true gourman will never defend MSG. A true food professional with integrity knows that MSG is a consumer issue.
You have to care for consumers not be a selfish prick.
The biggest problem I have with MSG is not health as a food professional MSG will destroy the gourmet industry as we know it. We can see “eateries” using cheap ingredients who don’t hire food professionals be it chefs or food scientists as they can just get people to eat their food if they add enough MSG they don’t even need a chef just someone who can move their hands around the kitchen.
Even as a food professional, a chef should be against MSG.
If they are not they don’t have any integrity and also they are not true food professionals.

You are mot a true good professional ( food scientist ) but a phony one that does not understand the chemistry and occurrence of glutamate and related food enhancers in nature.
Its not about the artificial glutamate that i only consider its very existence in many natural food stuff.
I see you among the pettypeople that are heavily influenced by similar minded petty people that are neurotic about food enhancers both natural and synthetic.
Chefs globally are not against its use but only those that are neurotic and ignorant like you.
You’re among the victim.of the bad press of glutamates
SHAME ON YOU…:joy::joy::joy: