Modified toffees

We are taking the trials of eclair toffees. But it’s take a 47-50 minutes to rich the temperature @120°c in batch cooker. Hence we not achieved the moisture between 7-8 %.
Can you suggest better treatment for the reducing time with same temperature.

Thanks in advance.

Vacuum cookers might help as cooking under teducrd pressure takes lesss time .industrial candynakers exploit this principle well as well as the exotic thin film cookers…Please read about various confections cookers used in the industries in confectionerty textbooks…

Vaccum cooker or exotic thin film cookers are used for the candy. And we get less than 1% moisture int that type of cooker.

But we maintain 7-8% moisture in eclair toffees.

Changing processing parameters certainly is the means to attain desired moisture in the end product. That needs a lot of trials to find the optimim combination…