Melting point of mixed oils

Hi - if I mix two oils (melt them, mix evenly, then cool back to room temperature), where the mixture may be:

  • 50% coconut oil (melting point 24C)
  • 50% cocoa butter (melting point 34-38C)
    Does the melting point change to 29C which is between these two, or does is start melting at the melting point of coconut oil at 24C?
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Oils in general donot have definite melting point, but melt over a range of temperature since they contain triglycerrides, fatty acids and other constituents in it.
Regarding the above query, i would think it start melting point from 24 and go upt to 38 or so, since physical mixing might not change the melting point while some time factor effect could take place depending on your process

The best way to know the melting point of oil mixtures is to proceed experimentally to the determination of that temperature using DSC analysis. This is a simple and effective way to define this temperature.

The DSC thermogram will give you two different peaks at the melting point of both oils. You’ll probably see a peak at 24 and another at 34-38 degree. That is another way to characterize the oil present in the product.

Keep in mind ,coconut fat and cocoa butter are not compatible so why would you mix it for practical application.?
Coconut ol is a non tempering lauric fat with sharp melting point …Meanwhile cocoa butter is tempering non lauric fat with variable melting point depending upon the polymorph form.: Form I, II, III, IV, V, VI
If you mix them together you are not getting the benefit of either one as they are antagonistic with each other .