Maillard Reaction - 5 things you might not know about non-enzymatic browning!

Maillard reaction is used by the flavor and food industry for the production of unique reaction flavors. These flavors are complex building blocks that provide similar aroma and taste properties to those found in thermally treated foodstuffs such as meat, chocolate, coffee, caramel, popcorn and bread.

The ‘Maillard reaction’ is of great importance for flavor and color formation of thermally treated foodstuffs. It is a complex cascade of many different types of reactions rather than one single reaction type.


Maillards Reaction is a “double edged sword”…; Its responsible for the, color, flavor and taste development in processed foods, but it also responsible for the creation of carcinogens like acrylamide, diacetyl and methylfurfural in the end product.