Legality of Natamycin E235 in beverages

Hello dears,
I am currently working on a recipe of Energy drink in which E235 Natamycin (Natadex) is used for preservation.
can you plz advise if the addition of preservative natamycin (E235) is allowed in beverages in EU or CODEX?
Thanks in advance!

Natamycin is widely used in food and beverages in Europe, Japan and other countries
Its already approved by many food regulation agencies in those countries.
FDA already approved it.


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Thanks a lot, Roy for ur reply.
Yes, Natamycin is recognized safe for human consumption but do you think it can be used in the food category of flavoured drinks 14.1.4 in USA and Europe ? or just cheese and cured meat?

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I there are scattered information in the web about the widespread use of natamycin in beverages.
You can dig it up for references…Good Luck.