Juice Manufacturing

I have made juice of Orange, Apple & Mango; with Sodium benzoate as 0.2% with 12% sugar , but it is failed within 45months.

What may be reason for the same it has following problems observed?

(1)PET Bottle have gas formation(100% bottles)

(2)90% bottles have bad smell

(3)White and light green coloured fungus observed after 45days( in 80% bottles)


did you pasteurize it?


Let’s start with the basic: check the condition, reception, selection, etc, of the fruits and other materials in the plant
The hygiene of all the people and equipment , etc, involved in the process
The processes used for preparing fresh-cut fruits can induce mechanical injury in the tissue accelerating deterioration.
Desinfectation of the fruits before
Conditions of storage
Every aspect of the process counts


Thanks a lot, this is useful & will apply; but the main part of my query i.e. 90% of quarry is pending, if you can give some knowledge like How to make, means how to prepare, means how shelf life will achieve , if thermal sterilisation needs than when? before filling or after filling overall process ; because the problem observed was may be our faulty process, like we have sterilise it 90seconds at 75Deg.Centigrade in PET Bottle and sealed.

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yes 80 degree second time for 90 seconds.

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so maybe there is a problem about pasteurization effeciency.

Did you check it?

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