Jelly / Gummy Candy Production

Merhabalar ben ödevim olarak jelibon geliştirmek istiyorum ancak jelibomnuma ekleyeceğim aromayı hangı fazda kaç derecede ekleniyor bulamıyorum.Yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim

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Dilara says that she develops a gummy bear type product. She ask if we can help regarding how to add the flavor and specifically at what temperature the flavor should be added.
Dilara, you can get a good reply from the manufacturer of the flavor. Just contact their technical sales department.

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Its normal practice to add volstile flavor at the end of the candy cooking process

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so how should the phase of that armoan be
for example, among the options such as syrup, water, Decanting

You can add the flavor at the end of cooking process…When its removed from the fire and it starts to cool down before its poured into molds…

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then how do I make it homogeneous

By stirring in the flavor well before the mixture is while still fluid and not gelled .,simple as that…I never had issues at that point…I got uniform flavor dispersion or distributiin whether in gummy or hard candy…


in what form did you add your aroma. solid or liquid

Liquid for ease in dissolution.

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okey thank you.
How many more questions do I have? I will go to them tomorrow too, do some more detailed research

You can add flavor in citric acid solution because this solution is added in the last to make jelly.

If I add flavoring to acid, will it cause any problems with my flavoring?