Jelly date

hello, how can I add dates to jelly without losing their nutritional value

Why would it lose its nutritional value…Where did you learn about that absurdity.?

the aroma I prepare from dates shows around 90 degrees in the processes of adding it to the jelly mixture. won’t they be damaged at this temperature?

What nutritient are you thinking that should ve destroyed by such temperature…:joy:

I don’t know exactly, but for example, the nutritional value in milk decreases in the pastprizsayon process. i also want to design a healthier jelly candy and I will use dates. I’m going to add a puree-like version of this to the gelatin mixture. in the process stages I look at, the aromas are always added at high temperature. then the nutritional properties or vitamin-mineral properties of persimmon will not decrease


You are utterly misinformed…
The Effect of Pasteurization on the Nutritional Value of Milk | Dairy Nutrition Canada.
Are your teachers real food professionals or just a bunch of quacks ,not even trained in food science…:grin:

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well, how many degrees of combining my flavor to the gelatin mixture can I achieve a homogeneous distribution

First try to understand the techniques of pasteurization then decide which among them is suitable for your needs. in terns of availability of facilities for such.

ok thankss :slight_smile: