Is it possible making beer without aroma

Beer or alcohol have strong smell aroma . So would it be possible for us to make beer as a desired product with no aroma

@paras are you dead serious in your inquiry…?
That strong aroma primarily comes from combination malt hops added to the brew as well as .alcohol ,esters aldehydes etc ,the products of fermentation. The very reason why such beverage exist and the main selling point of it…
Now if you say without aroma., then you might be thinking of something similar to water…why bother making it complicated if you just want a flavorless tasteless beverage…
Even nonalcoholic beer had its own aroma…
Would you please explain more about your ridiculous objective?


Describe in detail the expected taste of your beer and what group of customers are you targeting at…?

No…i jst wanted to know it whether we can ir not
Actually a friend of mind was talking about it .if there is no aroma in beer how it would be…and now I’m all clear… it’s just a nonobjective question.

Certainly…your friend does not like beer simple as that.

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Yeah right