Increasing shelf life for biscuits naturally to 6 months


I want to know the methods and ways for increasing the shelf life of biscuits generally. If we pack in a flow wrap. What are the ways, natural preservatives or any companies who have achieved 6 months without using any additional preservatives. any kind of articles, companies, or methods to increase the shelf life of biscuits to 6 months.

Thank You

Biscuits should be made with good quality ingredients, including stable vegetable fat( with antioxidants).Then biscuit pieces baked properly to a maximum of 2% moisture, ,cooled properly to not less than 35C then packed in opaque multilayer labels with nitrogen gas in packaging untouched by bare hands
It should be stored also at controlled room temperatureā€¦Consistently warm.storaye area accelerate staling and promote off taste and odors.
My biscuits even after 12 months still does not taste stale like common ones.
I even have few specimen that have stood in proper packaging and storage conditions for more than a yearand still taste satisfactoryā€¦
FYIā€¦we never put any preservatives in the biscuit formulation.


We have biscuits with 6 months of shelf life. We do not use any preservatives.

Our recipe is flour, vegetable shortening, pasteurized liquid egg, sugar and cinnamon.

It is good to have a perfectly baked product to have low water activity. We pack the biscuits in a plastic bag, perfectly sealed.

We only pack the cookies when they reach room temperature to avoid condensation on the package.