How to smoothen konyaku jelly product

Dear All,

I’m currently developing a jelly powder premix (like jell-o) consist of carageenan, konjac, and tripotassium citrate. The final product resulting from adding water to the powder premix is not smooth on the surface and has a coarse texture when you bite it. Can anyone help or share their recommendation on what to do to improve the product?

From.what I remember there are special carrageenan for that purpose. Not just any carrageenan you buy from suppliers.
The one I made two decades back for my employer came from, FMC carrageenan, called Gelcarin…
Just like Jello.its haa sugar ,carrageenan, acidulant like citric, fumaric ,adipic acid buffered by tripotassium citrate. plus suitable flavors and colors.
Once its dissolved in measured amount of hot water
its allowed to set until firm…
The result is a clear jelly with texture and melt in the mouth consistency when spooned and eaten…

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