How to record the amount of carbohydrates in soft drinks

Hello friends, I have a project that is about to be finished right now. I am establishing a soft drink factory in northern Syria.

This soft drink factory will be 99% identical to the brands produced and kept here, but under a different name. I would like to ask you if there is a friend who can help me with the measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide in carbonated soft drinks.

Exactly how can I calculate the carbon dioxide in grams in 1 L of orange soft drink that I want. Thank you.

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CHITTICK apparatus is atandard equipment for measurement of CO2


Friends, I know that to measure carbon dioxide, first the bottle pressure and then the product temperature are calculated and calculated. I have a device that measures the product pressure, but I don’t know how to calculate it.

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My Gosh :flushed:whats your educational background​:hot_face:!
…Are you not a sort of technical professional to buy equipment but cant even use general chemistry knowledge about gas laws to calculate your needed values…?
Where did you study your degree to be so ignorant of simple gas laws computation.?
Please hire someone to operate that equipment as well as that know how calculate the values…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

FYI…Gas laws are even taught in high school chemistry…:pensive:

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I wish you hadn’t replied using such tone. There are formulas about gas laws and how to calculate them, but I could not reach the result. Share if you really know about it. If not, I condemn you for your insulting style.

FYI. why i was surprised is you got an equipment for measuring your needs but you dont even know how make it useful for you…:neutral_face:
Its just surprise me…the equipment should have a manual about formulas.
Fyi…if yoiu really understood gas laws why cant you make algebraic computation based on pressure,volume temperatures…
What other values confuses you…Because if youre a trained chemist it would not be difficult.
Further if you are not trained for such work wjy not hire someone that skilled in that line so you cam be assured you are running your factory safely and according to regulations.
if you just have to learn the ropes now of the job.youre endangering your customers, and finally the reputation of your company’.

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Thank you for your vast experience and advice. Thanks for your advice and suggestions. On this platform, it was enough to just share your knowledge or cite the source. I admire your self-confidence enough to brag about your knowledge. Thank you.

1 Like not bragging, just frank about the standards to be followed in institutional food processing.
Look the food industry should not be run by untrained people .Its dangerous, to the business there are government requirements for qualified people that should handle specific technical jobs ,not just someone that’s just doing on the job training as they are not qualified to promote product quality.
Food processing of whatever kind needs qualified and trained people not ,newbies…