How to prepare Potassium Stearate solution "soap"

Hi everybody. I am a beginner with emulsifier formulation and I need your help!
I have to prepare a Potassium Stearate solution, but I don’t have the formulation and process.
This is to be used as part of the recipe of an emulsifier for cake making.
Could you share with me a formulation and tell me the steps to prepare it?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Why complicate life, buy potassium stearate and use it as coemulsfier to fit your purpose .

BTW to make cake gel production simple for the untrained contact Palsgaard.
Here is their system ,simple safe and proven

Thanks for your advice, Roy. Currently in my country there’re problems to get some imported raw materials (like potassium Stearate and many others) and I am trying to help a small business that sells cake emulsifiers to replace them.
That’s why I need to prepare the potassium Stearate solution by scratch. I would appreciate any helpful information.

If your only concerns is how to prepare potassium stearate solution…Then you have to use chemistry. Know what components can you use that’s available to you that can produce potassium stearate which is a soap…Now a lesson in organic chemistry…
How do you prepare soap. You combine fatty acid with alkali to get it or by displacementof the sodium cation from sodium stearate soap .
.Estimate based on stoichiometry and mass balance how you can get potassium stearate from KOH and stearic acid / sodium.strearate .
Compute how many percent of potassium stearate is needed in your formulation to stabilize the cake gel. based on the total batch weight.