How to extend fresh noodle shelf life?

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Just found this forum in google.
I have been trying to extend the shelf life of fresh alkaline wheat noodle / Asian noodle.
I know there are so many factors to extend the shelf life especially hygiene. Let me tell what I did so far.

  1. The drinking water was sterilized using ozone gas.
  2. The utensil and machine was cleaned before hand using cleaning agent.
  3. I am using Potassium Sorbate in the recipe
  4. The product packed with Modified Atmospheric Packaging / MAP method consist of CO2+N2 gas
  5. I put oxygen absorber just in case.

With all of this, I was able to extend the noodle to 7 days under room temperature condition. No odor, no mold, no significant color discoloration.

I am thinking to step up further to 1 months. I believe to achieve this I need some way to pasteurized the fresh noodle. Reducing moisture is way to go, but I don’t want to make it bone dry. I want to keep it about 20% moisture so it become semi-dry noodle.
is there any insight to do it so?

Thank in advance

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This information might be useful to you.


Pack it into a hermetic sealed packaging and use retort thermal processing.
The product can even reach commercial sterility and be shelf stable without the use of preservative.
It can even be made into ready to use/ cooked noodles which can be use with reheating.
If the right packaging would also have sufficient oxygen barrier and keep its quality throughout its shelf life.
Japanese company produce this with some of their Udon noodles.

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Thank u it is very useful information.

I will look into it further.

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