How i can reduce fats of chips

Hello we want to produce potatoes chips with batch producing after frying we have a lot oil in product how we can reduce of oil in chips


Whats your frying temperatures and time?

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Hello temperature is 180 degree time when potatoes vill ready we take it from fryer

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incomplete information.

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Chips contains a lot fat how i can reduce it

I wanted to know complete frying parameters.

After slicing potato we blanching it 80 degree hot water 5 minute than we wash it water normal not with cold water than we dewataring it centrafuge machine. Than we fry it . I tested in kitchen 5 lt oil 250 gr potato at 180 degrees 3 minutes frying. Then we eat it gives fatty. And surface is straight have a lot bubbles on surface

Try frying at higher temperatures ar shorter time say 190 C for 2 - 2.5 min ,200C 1.5 -2 min.

Ok i vill try it

Use air frying instead of deep frying in oil

I can use it for me but industry we have deep fryer

Various ways:
Slice thicker
Fry at a higher temperature
Use higher dry matter potatoes
Use a water stripper pre fryer to remove excess water or the same post fryer to remove water
Lab fryers do give a higher oil content as fryer oil temp dips too much

Know its not possible but use a hot steam box stripper to remove water and sl cook potatoes

Is it a batch fryer or continuous? Batch tend to give higher oil contents as a nature of the oil temp profile - good luck

Also make sure your slicer blades are in top condition so reducing the amount of damaged cells in the slice

Ok i vill check it

Hello i use batch fryer

I don’t understand pre fryer and post fryer what you mean