How i can get job in food sectors

How can I get a job as a Food Technologist overseas? I have completed masters in Food Technology, however, I find that the Food Science Jobs in my country are limited. Is it possible to actually get a job overseas? If so, how can I go about doing that? What are the steps required?
I hope that I could get a job in a field I like overseas, where they also will hopefully fund me and provide me with some allowance for getting a house/room there as a foreigner. Any one can kindly advise?

The general rule for overseas job is to have both a degree and at least 3 years of
relevant work experience which should be verifiable by the prospective employer.
FYI, jobs just Don’t fall on your lap,you had to seek and apply fir it.
Don’t wait for anyone to give it to you, but search for it.


Actually I’m applying both in our country and foreign but still could not get it
Hope for the best and thank you for your kind response

The current global reality of pandemic where many businesses are closing or running at the least capacity ,makes the job market is very tight.


I think you are right

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I am in the same situation I just finished a master’s degree in Brazil in food engineering, here do not have many opportunities. I have a European passport I am looking for opportunities in Europe.