How do we fortify orange juice

My query is how do we fortify orange juice with Vitamin D if vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. Won’t it only dissolve in polar solvents?

If someone has the procedure/method link plz provide.

You could have saved more time waiting for someone to answer you, if you immediately did the Google search using keywords Fortification of fruit juice with Vitamin D or
" Fortificatiion of Orange Juice with Vitamin D"…
Easy peasy…:slightly_smiling_face:

why do you want to do this kind of fortification like having vitamin D with vitamin C. (I am not trying to understand the benefits of vitamin D).

It is becoming a new trend that food products are just fortified with any vitamins and minerals and finally put a label (in BIG letters) highlighting that it contains minerals and so so …Isnt there any measures to control this new trend- just attracting consumers with this kind of labelling? And with new product development it is even more prominent.
What is the rational behind using vitamin D along with vitamin C (when both are
having different solubility too).

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We wanted to make a multivitamin popsicle. But also I was curious about how they fortified orange juice with vitamin D in industries since it has been quite popular in the recent years.

I did but I didn’t get my answer.
I am guessing they put powdered form of vitamin d but I was wondering about the solubility of vit d in orange juice.
I searched but didn’t find the procedure of fortification of vit d in orange juice or form in which vit d is added (and solubilized). So ofc I came here after my Google visit, Mr genius. If someone has a link or info on it they can provide.

You did not think well enough beyond literal interpretation that ordinary vitamin D IS oil soluble. .
But What you need is water soluble or better cold water soluble version…:wink:

if you did some effort to search “cold water soluble vitamin D” or “beverage Vitamin D”, you find many sources
An example here.
Clear soluble Vitamin D for beverages…

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