How Do I Stretch / Extend a Gummy Recipe to get a Greater Yield?

Hi, I’ve come up with a vegan gummy recipe using agar that I’m pretty happy with, but it’s a little pricey for commercial production, so I need to get more gummies per batch. Does anyone have techniques to stretch a gummy recipe? I’m new to commercial candy production. Can this be done with maltodextrin, chicory root fiber/ inulin, or tapioca starch and water?

Starches should be vegan…try thin boiling starches…Its the old fashioned binder for gummies…

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Thank you! Any recommendations for online retailers who sell thin boiling starch? I can only find commercial/ industrial producers.

Try confectionery ingredients retailers…

Konjac powder/ xanthan gum / carrageenan are also possible. But carrageenan could be more expensive compare to agar

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